QUICK LIME LUMPS aka BURNT LIME or CALCINED LIME are produced by calcining Calcium Carbonate (LIME STONE) in lime kilns with fuel(coal). The Products offered by us are manufactured from HIGH PURITY LIME STONE using best quality fuel under proper sup

We manufacture and supply High Purity and low silica CALCINED LIME aka QUICK LIME which is very useful for steel melting shop at a steel plant. It helps in quality basic slag formation, long refractory life of furnace, on time slag formation resultin

Captive LIME STONE mines allow us to manufacture selected quality of CALCINED LIME (QUICK LIME) and HYDRATED LIME

One of the most important use of QUICK LIME aka CALCINED LIME and HYDRATED LIME is in environment protection practices like ETP Effluent Treatment Plant as well as desulphurization of industrial waste gases. We are manufacturers of QUICK LIME, CALCIN

Manufacturer and supplier of high purity QUICK LIME aka CALCINED LIME for electric arc furnace, basic oxygen furnace, laddle refining furnace and sinter plant

We proudly announce acquisition of one more well established manufacturing unit adding 100 ton per day to our existing production capacity of CALCINED LIME aka QUICK LIME, 60 ton per day of HYDRATED LIME and 100 ton per day capacity of LIME sizing (g

One of the most experienced mine owner, manufacturer and supplier of FGD GRADE LIMESTONE

Your most reliable supplier of QUICK LIME

Your reliable supplier of HYDRATED LIME

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