HYDRATED LIME POWDER MANUFACTURERSHIGH CALCIUM QUICKLIME produces a HYDRATED LIME containing generally 72 % to 74 % calcium oxide and 23 % to 24 % chemically combined water.

HYDRATED LIME MANUFACTURERS IN RAJASTHANHYDRATED LIME or CALCIUM HYDROXIDE is produced by reacting QUICKLIME with water in certain ratio. The process involves grinding of QUICKLIME, hydrating with water and then segregation of purity wise classes o

QUICK LIME POWDER QUICKLIME POWDER is a key component of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), with typical QUICKLIME contents of order 15 wt.% It is the mostly used source of calcium oxide that eventually ends up as tobermorite in the final product

QUICK LIME LUMPS aka BURNT LIME or CALCINED LIME are produced by calcining Calcium Carbonate (LIME STONE) in lime kilns with fuel(coal). The Products offered by us are manufactured from HIGH PURITY LIME STONE using best quality fuel under proper sup

QUICK LIME MANUFACTURERSWe are more than 2 decade old QUICK LIME MANUFACTURERS with total integrated mining and manufacturing set up for bulk production of high quality QUICKLIME.

QUICKLIMEQUICKLIME OR CALCINED LIME is the best catalyst and base chemical for various useful industrial chemical reactions. HIGH PURITY LIME reduces its consumption in various applications at steel plants, sugar mills, paper mills & at several oth

We manufacture and supply High Purity and low silica CALCINED LIME aka QUICK LIME which is very useful for steel melting shop at a steel plant. It helps in quality basic slag formation, long refractory life of furnace, on time slag formation resultin

Manufacturer and supplier of high purity QUICK LIME aka CALCINED LIME for electric arc furnace, basic oxygen furnace, laddle refining furnace and sinter plant

HYDRATED LIME POWDER HYDRATED LIME POWDER is a dry powder manufactured by treating QUICKLIME with sufficient water to satisfy its chemical affinity for water, thereby, converting the oxides to hydroxides

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