Hydrated Lime Powder

Hydrated Lime Powder

Hydrated Lime Powder that we provide is also called in India as Salked Lime, Lime powder and Calcium hydroxide. Hydrated Lime Powder is a dry powder manufactured by treating quicklime with sufficient water to satisfy its chemical affinity for water, thereby, converting the oxides to hydroxides. Depending upon the type of quicklime used and the hydrating conditions employed, the amount of water in chemical combination varies, as follows: High calcium hydrated lime-high calcium quicklime produces a hydrated lime containing generally 72 % to 74 % calcium oxide and 23 % to 24 % chemically combined water. High purity Hydrated Lime Powder reduces handling cost and transportation and also increases quality of finish product. On specific demand we can provide Hydrated Lime Powder with Ca(OH)2 more than 90% that is up to 94%.

We are prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the hydrated lime to our honoured and respected clients for the past couple of decades. White hydrated lime powder is formulated using top notch quality chemicals procured from calcium oxide. Stringently checked by a group of trained quality analysts to ensure that it is defect free, we provide the best supply of hydrated lime in the most reasonable rates. The years of experience has made us the trusted and respected suppliers and manufacturers of hydrated lime among national clients and industries.

The inorganic compound in the form of white powder is produced when calcium oxide is mixed with or slaked with water. This aqueous solution is termed as lime water and reacts with certain acids and can attack certain chemicals like the aluminium. This lime water turns milky in the presence of carbon dioxide, and the process is carbonation. Quick lime can be made into hydrated lime by just crushing and adding water and process to match the customer specifications.

Also known as slaked lime, the hydrated lime has diverse applications ranging from food processing to industrial applications. Because of the low toxicity and mildness, the applications of hydrated lime in the food industry are numerous. Another significant application of the hydrated lime is in the sewage treatment and as a flocculent. This colourless compound also finds application in the pH level maintenance. It is often used in water treatment plants to maintain the pH level to prevent the corrosion of sewage pipes. Yet another interesting application of hydrated lime is in the paper industry where it acts as an intermediate in the reaction in the production of sodium hydroxide.

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Hydrated Lime has a various applications in steel and iron plants. Hydrated lime is used to neutralize the sulphuric acid based waste pickle liquor in which iron salts are also precipitated. It is mainly used in pig casting machines where a lime whitewash coating is given on the on the moulds to prevent sticking. Hydrated lime is frequently used to provide short-term corrosion protection in the form of a whitewash coating on steel products and to neutralize acid in coke by-product plants.