Calcined lime is als

Calcined lime

Calcined lime is also known as Quick Lime or Burnt Lime. We are producing Calcined Lime Lumps from the popular high-grade limestone of Gotan belt & Khimsar (Khinvsar) belt of West Rajasthan. Calcined Lime offered by us, is obtained by calcination of (controlled heating-time and temperature) limestone at temperature of approx 900 Deg Cent. This highly reactive Calcined Lime Lumps are essential to many industrial processes. We have attained constant quality on grounds of self-owned limestone mines, own infrastructure for calcination and quality management etc. Customer satisfaction and appreciation on account of diligent effort, high-quality standards, prompt supplies have made us one of the premium manufacturer and Supplier of quick lime in India. Main content of Quick Lime is CaO (Calcium Oxide) & it ranges from 85% up-to 95% also in selected pieces of good quality Calcined Lime Lumps made from high purity lime stone. Calcined Lime Lumps are the best catalysts and base chemical for various useful industrial chemical reactions. High purity lime reduces its consumption in various applications at steel plants, sugar mills, paper mills & at several other industries. Chemical Name : Calcium Oxide Chemical Formula : CaO It is majorly used in: - Steel industry, Sugar industry, Paper industry, Aluminium refineries, Water treatment plants, Leather and Textile industry, Paint industry, ETP plants, Fly Ash bricks, Construction Industry etc. Commonly used Packing options are 40 kg HDPE bags OR 1 ton Jumbo bags Calcined Lime Lumps Are Available In Different Sizes And Forms : Mesh Size : 90% passing from 200 or 300mesh Lumps size : 10-60mm ; 10-80mm ; 10-100mm or any other custom size. Granules Form : 0-3mm, 0-10mm for specially sinter plant operation

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