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White ‘N’ White Minerals Private Limited is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of wide range of Minerals in Rajasthan (India). Our gamut of Minerals comprises of Calcined Lime, Hydrated Lime Powder, Calcined Dolomite and Limestone.

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Sourcing high purity Lime stone directly from the quarry and processing it at our own factories using cutting edge modern technology by experienced professionals, we have become the leading manufacturers and exporters of Quick Lime, Calcined Lime, Hydrated lime & FGD grade lime stone in variegated forms suitable for multifarious applications. With over a decade of experience in the field of production and exporting, we have been supplying an array of calcium based products and chemical compounds. Over the years, we have managed to establish a healthy relationship with lime stone companies, national and international industry, supplier and customers. The secret of our success is our ability to clearly understand the customer requirements and convincingly fulfill the needs of FGD plant lime stone . Comprising of dedicated professionals who are highly motivated and who understand the underlying challenges of the lime stone industry, we offer all types of high quality products and top notch service.


Calcium oxide (CaO), usually known as quicklime or burnt lime. We are known as the one of the reliable Calcined lime manufacturers and suppliers over the entire globe. We are involved in providing the excellent Calcined Lime product that fulfill the buyer’s complete requirements and needs. We produce the quality in our industry which we further export and supply that product overseas. Calcined Lime are available online for sale in bulk. Our mines help us to maintain reliable and best quality of Calcined Lime to manufacture the top most product ever used. One can buy the Calcined Lime products in affordable cost for best customer experience. We are manufacturing the Calcined Lime from years with our extremely talented engineers and we are also the exporter of this product, all over the world. We retain the large inventory of calcined lime powder and calcined lime lump so that we can deliver our product on the time.


Hydrated Lime Powder is also called in India as Lime powder, Slaked Lime and Calcium hydroxide. We are the chief manufacturing industry in today’s market for supplying Hydrated Lime products to our client’s. The hydrated lime is a dry powder which is exported and supplied all over the country in the most reasonable cost. We keep the huge stockpile of hydrated lime powder so that we can deliver our product to our buyers within the given span of time. Our best hydrated lime powder is available online for sale in bulk. We are the manufacturers of the hydrated lime from over two decades which we export and supply it in entire country.

Lime Stone

Lime Stone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in bulk order to across the world. We are owner, suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of lime stone in powder and lumps with economical price. We have sufficient inventory to supply lime stone to all over world and major country.

The awareness regarding the environmental concerns have sky rocketed in the recent past, owing to the prediction of explosive growth around the world, by the economists and environmentalists. This has stressed the importance to reduce air, water, and land pollution. One of the fields that have received serious consideration is the acid rain which is caused due to the emission of sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon and the combustion of fossil fuels. To improve the sulphur emission control programs, researches are going on in different parts of the world, and a notable one in the lot is that of flue gas desulphurization or the FGD plant lime stone process. The flue gas desulphurization is a set of technologies used to remove sulphur dioxide from the exhaust flue gases of fossil fuel power plants and the emissions of other sulphur oxide emitting sources.

Irrespective of the technique used in Lime Stone extraction process, it requires high-grade, high purity lime for the process. Another substitute for the lime is the caustic soda which is comparatively expensive. To obtain FGD plant lime stone is not an easy task. Made from high quality natural deposits of lime stone, and meeting the exact chemical specifications, we cater FGD grade lime stone for high performance, cost effectiveness, and environment-friendly attributes making it. In addition to this, it has high purity level in that it contains negligible levels of residues typically present in limestone composites such as the silica, clay, organic matter, oxides and skeletal fragments. The optimum chemistry and the purity of the lime stone for FGD, make is ideal for the process that requires exacting specifications.

We manage bulk orders for various industries and supply all types of premium limestone. Contact us to buy online limestone for sale.